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I am Mike The Healthbook Guy and I am a marketer of health science books for KFFMenterprises. What you will find on this website is information about three of the most important health science books that have been written to date.


These books are unlike any other health science books that you may have read before. I ask you to keep an open mind to what you will see here because it takes a change of vision to understand these books, they are ground breaking and are "Tomorrow's Science" TODAY! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me, I am here for you. Thanks for visiting my website today!

The Master's Key to Unlocking and Mastering Chronic Disease is a must read health science book for anybody that is suffering from a chronic disease! Let's talk about chronic disease for a moment. What is your need? Do you or a love one struggle with any of the following: Fibromyositis, brain fog, constant forgetfulness, dementia, uncontrollable anger and frustration, one moment very angry and the next very calm (bi-polar); hormone imbalances, mood swings, chronic thrush, eczema, arthritis, COPD, Candidas Albicans, GItract dysbiosis, hemorrhoids, fungus of the blood, chronic anemic blood, adulterated blood, Crohn’s disease, liver disease, kidney disease, pancreatic disease (ie; diabetes), heart disease, strokes, blood clots, arterial sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, arthritis, bursitis, Rosacea, Celiac disease and the big one…….CANCER! If you are having these and other problems, you are dying! No joke! And you are dying faster than the rest of us. Do you want to know how to clear these problems from your own body?

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