Kevin F Montague

Kevin F. Montague is a Scientist,California State Scholar, Author and  Artisian from Los Angles, California. He is the author of The Master's Key to Unlocking and Mastering Chronic Disease and he is the author of Chronic Disease Syndrome/Premature Decomposition Syndrome.


Kevin, has lived in Los Angles all of his life and he is the owner of KFFMenterprises. When Kevin was a boy, he had dreams of working in Hollywood as a motion picture producer and director, but that was not to be as things did not work out for him as he had dreamed they would. Kevin did attend and graduated from Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California.


He then went on to attend and graduate from Loyola University. When Kevin was 25, he had his first full Near Death Experience (NDE) This NDE fully changed the way he looked at religion and what the Universe was all about. Kevin had another full second NDE at age 44, this time he left his body again and entered entered back into the light where God's heaven is located. Kevin did not have to come back either, but did so to complete The Master's Key to Unlocking and Mastering Chronic Disease to share with the world. Kevin says that the world needs the love and knowledge that he posseses to help it along before he is taken from his body that he is in at this time. Kevin had to endure a 20 year battle in his own body that led him to write the Master's Key and as such he never married and never had kids. Kevin's legacy is The Master's Key, and he wants to help the world with the knowledge that he possesses.   

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